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Taneice's story

Taneice Lewis

has spent much of her life as the underdog battling giants.  She has become fluent in understanding the warfare that goes on spiritually, emotionally, and mentally when living a life of purpose and striving for that next level.  She uses her own experiences and lessons in being raised by her grandmother, starting her first business with no money, filing bankruptcy, getting custody of her little sister, etc to show entrepreneurs how to not only identify real obstacles vs. perceived obstacles, but to learn how to put on the proper armor for each battle.  Her life's purpose and goal is to educate as many minorities as possible on the importance of self-discipline, creating generational wealth, business economics, and provide them with resources to grow their own businesses.


Taneice grew up in Trenton, New Jersey.  She is a transformational speaker, business coach, entrepreneur, and professional trader. She owns several successful businesses and is the author of Pray For Rain:  A Guide To Building Your Business With Little to NO Money.   With a true passion for educating, in 2021 Taneice launched her TV show Pray For Rain: Level Up In The Storm,  which highlighted minority small companies in their effort to sustain and grow their business while dropping gems on lessons learned throughout their journey.

Today Taneice is blessed to be living her dreams speaking about entrepreneurship to students at high schools and universities, as well as adults at conferences and galas.  Taneice is married to her college sweetheart, Gerald, and they live in Piscataway, NJ with their two sons, Gavin and Jabril.

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