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Pray for Rain is about having faith and perseverance to live out your dreams despite where you come from or any obstacles you face. It's designed to challenge you to see your tribulations as gifts to propel you forward into your destiny, and show you how to build a business with little resources or support.

If you are relentless in achieving that thing you desperately desire, anything is possible. It's not about who is rooting for you, how much money you have or who you know.  All you need is GOD! Now how bad do you want it?

Do you have a dream or vision that you have yet to give birth to? Are you ready to live in the purpose that the Creator has chosen for you? Are you ready to start your own business but need some guidance? In this powerful debut Taneice Lewis uses her inspirational journey as a blueprint and testimony of how hard work, dedication and faith can manifest success. Her testimony is sprinkled with anecdotes of the trials she endured and the necessary lessons that resulted. By the end of Pray for Rain you will gain some invaluable personal and professional development tips, you will learn how to start a business with little to no money, you will learn how to balance work and life, but most importantly, you will learn that you do have what it takes to become your own Boss.


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Assorted Colors & Motivational Messages

4 - 12oz. Ceramic Mug

Black / Red


Set of 4 Spooner Mugs

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